Misc Items - Various Brands - Paddy Bear Pads

Lovely little notepads, ideal for gifts, party bags etc

Choose the heading on the notepad from the list.

Size : 11cm x 9cm x 28 pages (approx)

My Note Book  Out of stock

You are a special Beary friend  Out of stock

Note from the big cuddly bear  Out of stock

Secret Notes  Out of stock

School Note Book  Out of stock

Bear necessity shopping list  Out of stock

Bear Notes  Out of stock

Aaron  £1.00

Abbie  Out of stock

Abigail  Out of stock

Adam  £1.00

Aimee  Out of stock

Alex  £1.00

Alexander  £1.00

Alexandra  £1.00

Alfie  £1.00

Alice  £1.00

Alicia  Out of stock

Alisha  £1.00

Amber  Out of stock

Amelia  £1.00

Amelie  Out of stock

Amy  Out of stock

Anna  £1.00

Becky  £1.00

Ben  £1.00

Benjamin  Out of stock

Beth  Out of stock

Bethan  Out of stock

Bethany  Out of stock

Bradley  £1.00

Brandon  £1.00

Brooke  Out of stock

Caitlin  £1.00

Callum  £1.00

Cameron  £1.00

Catherine  £1.00

Charles  £1.00

Charlie  Out of stock

Charlotte  Out of stock

Chelsea  £1.00

Chloe  Out of stock

Connor  £1.00

Courtney  Out of stock

Daisy  Out of stock

Daniel  £1.00

Danielle  £1.00

David  £1.00

Dylan  £1.00

Edward  £1.00

Eleanor  £1.00

Elizabeth  £1.00

Ella  £1.00

Ellen  Out of stock

Ellie  Out of stock

Eloise  Out of stock

Emily  £1.00

Emma  Out of stock

Erin  £1.00

Ethan  £1.00

Eve  £1.00

Evie  Out of stock

Francesca  £1.00

Freya  Out of stock

Gemma  £1.00

George  £1.00

Georgia  £1.00

Georgina  Out of stock

Grace  Out of stock

Hannah  £1.00

Harriet  Out of stock

Harry  Out of stock

Harvey  £1.00

Henry  £1.00

Hollie  Out of stock

Holly  Out of stock

Imogen  Out of stock

Isabel  Out of stock

Isabella  Out of stock

Isabelle  Out of stock

Isobel  £1.00

Jack  Out of stock

Jacob  £1.00

Jade  £1.00

Jake  £1.00

James  Out of stock

Jamie  £1.00

Jasmine  Out of stock

Jenny  Out of stock

Jessica  Out of stock

Jodie  £1.00

Joe  Out of stock

Jordan  £1.00

Joseph  Out of stock

Josh  £1.00

Joshua  £1.00

Kate  £1.00

Katherine  £1.00

Katie  Out of stock

Kayleigh  Out of stock

Keira  Out of stock

Kieran  £1.00

Kirsty  £1.00

Kyle  £1.00

Laura  Out of stock

Lauren  £1.00

Leah  Out of stock

Lewis  £1.00

Liam  £1.00

Libby  Out of stock

Lily  Out of stock

Louis  £1.00

Louise  Out of stock

Lucy  Out of stock

Luke  £1.00

Lydia  £1.00

Maddison  £1.00

Madeleine  £1.00

Madison  £1.00

Maisie  Out of stock

Matt  £1.00

Matthew  £1.00

Max  £1.00

Megan  Out of stock

Melissa  £1.00

Mia  £1.00

Michael  £1.00

Millie  Out of stock

Mollie  Out of stock

Molly  Out of stock

Morgan  £1.00

Naomi  £1.00

Natalie  £1.00

Natasha  £1.00

Nathan  £1.00

Niamh  £1.00

Nicole  £1.00

Oliver  Out of stock

Olivia  £1.00

Owen  £1.00

Paige  £1.00

Phoebe  Out of stock

Poppy  Out of stock

Rachel  £1.00

Rebecca  £1.00

Reece  £1.00

Rhys  £1.00

Robert  £1.00

Rosie  Out of stock

Ruby  Out of stock

Ryan  Out of stock

Sam  £1.00

Samantha  £1.00

Samuel  £1.00

Sarah  Out of stock

Scarlett  Out of stock

Shannon  £1.00

Sophia  Out of stock

Sophie  Out of stock

Stephanie  Out of stock

Summer  Out of stock

Thomas  £1.00

Tia  Out of stock

Tom  £1.00

Tyler  Out of stock

Victoria  £1.00

William  £1.00

Yasmin  £1.00

Zoe  £1.00