Charlie Bears - Seek

Comes with a lovely Charlie Bears branded bag.

1, 2 miss a few 99, 100 - Hide and seek never tire
of this game. Now you could almost be forgiven for
mistaking them as twins but the two brothers have
their own unique personalities and markings and
whilst using the same plush in both dark brown,
pale cream and mink the placing of the fabric has
given them their own special look. Each of the
characters are fully jointed but able to stand like a
real meerkat which is helped by their lovely little tail
for added balance. Both of the characters also have
bent paws and each have a differently coloured
hand stitched nose. Inspired by a trip to Adelaide
Zoo in early 2015 at the same time as spending
hours with the pandas we got the most wonderful
picture of two meerkats and spent nearly as much
time observing their playful but ever watchful nature.
The challenge was on a meerkat had to make it in
to the next collection.


Size : 28cm

Suitable for ages 3+; remove all swing tags
and accessories before giving to a child

Surface wash only

Made in Thailand

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