Steiff - Monty Snowman Ted

Monty snowman ted, made of finest mohair, white, 5-way jointed, surface washable with gold-plated "Button in Ear".

Flying snowflakes, laughing children - has anyone here called for a snowball fight? A clear case for our incorruptible referee made of finest mohair: Monty Snowman Ted ensures a fair exchange of snowballs. He bears the unmistakable "look" of a Snowman, with his black cylinder hat made from wool felt, and you can hardly tell him apart from his cold-white colleagues. Were it not for the bear paws, a gold-plated "Button in Ear" and a sure advantage... Monty need have no fear as the snowballs are thrown at him - his tummy will remain unharmed!


Size : 30cm

Limited Edition : 1,225

Not suitable for children - adult collectors only

Surface wash only

Made in Germany

In stock now



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