Gold Club Terms & Conditions

  1. Only one application per person. Free membership is only by qualifying or invitation. To qualify you must spend £99 or over in one transaction on no more than four items and anticipate being a repeat customer.
  1. From 1st March 2015 we will no longer issue 'membership cards' as all details are held electronically. We may move to barcoded membership cards at some point in the future as we seek to upgrade the system in line with our new website. All members will automatically be provided with any new cards as issued by us.
  1. Gold Club memberships can also be purchased if a prospective member does not meet the criteria stated above. Membership costs £9.99 as a once only payment. There are no other fees whatsoever.
  2. Applicants must be minimum 18 years of age.
  3. Membership is for a minimum of 2 years. Continued membership beyond that date is subject to the criteria below in point 6.
  4. Members must identify themselves to us if buying in store so we can ensure discount is applied. If buying via our website then Gold Club members must sign in to the Gold Club secure area on the site to have discount applied. If ordering by post or by telephone, please ensure we are made aware you are a Gold Club member.
  5. Your Gold Club membership will expire if no purchase is made from us for 2 years. Spend level will be tracked and recorded by us.
  6. Customers pledge to advise us should any of their details change.
  7. Customers who have purchased a Gold Club membership for £9.99 please note that this fee is non refundable in any circumstances.
  8. No minimum transaction value applies to member purchases.
  9. There is no obligation to use a membership or to purchase anything from us. Any membership card issued is not a credit card or cheque guarantee card and carries no redemption value.
  10. Lost or stolen membership cards (where issued) must be notified to us by email or telephone (01643 702333).
  11. The Gold Club membership may not be used in conjunction with any special offer, discount or promotion offered either in store or online, unless expressly specified otherwise by Exmoor Teddy Bears either in store or online.
  12. Exmoor Teddy Bears reserve the right to cancel any individual membership without notice or withhold membership cards presented in store at their discretion. Any Gold Club member who uses the layaway/pre-order scheme and defaults will have their membership revoked at the time of default.
  13. The Gold Club may be amended or withdrawn at any time and all members notified if either of these situations arise.
  14. Data held by Exmoor Teddy Bears will be kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and adhere to the eight data protection principles.
  15. By joining the Gold Club, members are consenting to us contacting them by e-mail, phone or in writing to advise of any special offers/events or for other related reasons. Members can opt out of such contact and still remain a Gold Club member. Please notify us if you wish to receive no mailings from us.
  16. Exmoor Teddy Bears pledges it will not share data about either the club or its members with any third party other than any partner company involved in club administration only.
  17. We are happy to notify any member upon request of their spend level.
  18. Exmoor Teddy Bears may also issue Gold Club cards at the discretion of the proprietor or any authorised member of staff.
  19. In the event of Exmoor Teddy Bears ceasing trading, the Gold Club may be sold as part of any asset sale.

Gold Club Members receive a 10% discount off virtually everything we sell*

* The only exceptions at the current time are:

  • Steiff Club memberships;
  • Any personalised bears;
  • Any Charity Bears;
  • Items from the 'bargain basket' in store; certain 'sale items on-line'.
  • Any other items which expressly state no Gold Club discount either in store or on-line which may be offered from time to time.

Exmoor Teddy Bears may amend the discount level or change the terms and conditions at any time and will notify all Gold Club members if a significant change occurs as soon as is practical.