*** On-line only ***

2020 has been a very challenging year for any business and we were no exception. Tourism collapsed in Minehead and Butlins, whom we depended upon for a large amount of our trade, didn't re-open until the end of July on reduced capacity. The West Somerset Railway hasn't operated at all this year and again was a source of custom for us.

Our Minehead shop lease was due to renew this year but in the current climate and set against the challenges we faced, we decided the risk was too great at the present time. We have therefore moved to on-line only but we still very much exist. We've traded from this website since 2003 but we now no longer operate a retail shop in Minehead.

Our Facebook, Twitter, Email accounts are all unchanged and we can be contacted by email at exmoorteddybears@icloud.com or sales@exmoorteddybears.com. We no longer operate a business telephone service so all contact is now on-line.

Many of our lovely customers have been with us for many years, I am currently in the transition phase from having the shop, lots to sort out, but want to still give great service. I'm hoping to offer free local delivery very soon, or collect if in the area (I'll arrange to meet you to give you any purchases). A lot of our customers know me personally, I still live in Minehead and will be operating this website personally. Please get in touch and my thanks for everyones support during this transition. Martin


Added: 6th October 2020